Exadata Software Release 23.1

О программно-аппаратных комплексах Exadata, ZDLRA, ODA, BDA и другому оборудованию Oracle.
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Exadata Software Release 23.1

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Вышла новая версия Exadata Software:

- Supported Hardware: X5 and newer

- The core of the 23.1 release is the upgrade to Oracle Linux 8.7 and UEK6 (5.4.17).
OVM Guests, KVM Guests, KVM Hosts, and Bare Metal will all be upgraded to Oracle Linux 8 and UEK6.

- Upgrades to version 23.1.x are supported from versions within the last 12 months. So, as of the time of release, 21.2.10 (March 2022) or newer, including all releases of 22.1. Systems running versions older than 21.2.10 will first need to upgrade to at least 22.1.0 or 21.2.10 before upgrading to 23.1.x. This applies to both storage and database servers.

- Grid Infrastructure and Database Support:
- Release 19c: Version 19.15, April 2022 and newer
- Release 21c: Version 21.6, April 2022 and newer

- Beginning in Exadata 23.1, and with the April RUs for Database 19c and 21c, the Persistent Memory have been renamed to Exadata RDMA Memory (XRMEM).

https://docs.oracle.com/en/engineered-s ... se-23.html
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Re: Exadata Software Release 23.1

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Очень интересная информация.